Monday, March 20, 2006


Well. Here I am sitting at the computer, at 330am unable to sleep. I book in to camp in 4 hours for my first reservist in-camp training. I've tried to defer this 4 times, because of work commitments but God has some kinda weird way to tell me that He wants me to go for this. Maybe I could lose weight, maybe I can now tell people that I actually carried a gun in the army (instead of the trumpet), maybe I would get promoted to a specialist, maybe this maybe that.

I feel like I'm going to BMT all over again. To make things worse, I put on my no4 pants, and they don't fit. My field pack is all slimy (cos I probably didn't wash it since my LAST field camp in Nov 2001), my SBO has missing parts, I don't have a kevlar helmet... argh. this sucks. Sometimes I wonder why I gave up my Canadian citizenship for this.

But then I think of this: I'm getting married real soon to the most wonderful female on earth. Pre-wedding preps are still very slow.. but the excitement is there. I wish it could happen just by the snap of the know.. church venue, menu, planning. Right. Anyway I'm thinking of setting up a more interactive wedding website.. so hopefully we could migrate there soon.

Meanwhile, if any kind soul wishes to donate to our wedding funds please drop us a comment. hahah. Money's been kinda slow, but we know we'll get there. Sue's been doin some freelance writing, I just recorded a VO for National there's a bit of money comin in here and there.. thru the simple result of prayer. Amazing how God provides.

I hope i made some sense of this. 335am . out.


Anonymous ag said...

u know its always exciting to know that God is in control and that - such wilderness experiences shape us and challenge us - then we reflect later and say - it all makes sense...

Gods amazing that way!

counting down w u guys!

ag x

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Mich said...

amen, prayer is powerful to the max! :) hang in there you guys, the big day will come round in no time. and always remember that God is in control, no matter what the circumstances are.

miss you both!

Mich <3

9:59 PM  
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