Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hush little baby...

With our little bun now 3 months old, we decided that it was time to train her to learn to sleep on her own. Since she started rejecting the pacifier 3 weeks ago, it's been quite a nightmare getting her to bed - whether it's for a nap or for bed at night.

We rolled up our sleeves and made the commitment to be disciplined about teaching her to sleep independently. We started 3 days ago with regular naptimes during the day and bedtime by 8 at night. And, since then, there's been a lot of this... but there's also been a lot more of this...

The first night saw little Miss Wee crying non-stop for ONE hour before she finally succumbed to the lures of trusty Mr. Sandman. But on the second night, she only cried for 5 minutes and last night she whimpered for just about a minute before falling asleep. We're keeping our fingers crossed and looking forward to the nights when Mr and Mrs Wee will have the 'freedom' to catch up more couple-time, friends-time and just plain ol' rest-time.


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