Monday, April 03, 2006

Help Needed!

Well I've finally come out of reservist! 12 packed days with only ONE damn book out. I friggin hate the SAF!!! Loads of emails to follow up on, and I've seem to lost track of time too. I dread going back to work.. argh..

Anyway we had a good wedding planning meeting with Rachel and Suelynn today.. so things finally seem to be a bit more concrete..

One thing that we kinda need now.. we need to find a web designer to design our wedding website! Anyone who can help, please leave a comment!


Blogger Rong said...

what sort of thing are you guys looking to do?

11:07 AM  
Blogger ezzo said...

well basically we're looking to get a website up that talks abt us, who we are, what we do and a journal of our wedding preparations and the wedding itself..
who's this btw?


4:38 PM  
Blogger Rong said...

My name is Chiaw. I'm a Singaporean girl living in Los Angeles. Just happened to come across your blog. I design websites for fun... thought maybe I could help if you'd like me to.

email me:

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, it'd be awesome if u could! do u charge? and do u have a showcase of some of ur websites? thanks!


9:54 PM  
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