Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Little Miss Squirmy

For as long as I've known her (even when she was in the womb), Skyler has been a squirmy little bun. She's constantly on the move; from the time she's awake to the time she goes to bed, you'll find her squirming, twisting, turning, crawling, dancing, pulling herself to stand, tip-toeing, bopping to music, clapping, pushing light furniture around - I can go on and on - you get the idea.

Lately, she's been complaining in her playpen while I'm doing chores in the kitchen. The shrillness of her complaints got to me one morning so I gave in and sat her in the kitchen to watch me work. I put her in her toy basket to 'keep her in' and it worked! She was quiet and sat still for all of 2 minutes...then she wormed herself out of the basket. Oh well, 2 minutes is better than nothing right?


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