Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Sanity Of It All

For the last 5 months or so, Skyler and I have been happily socializing with other like-minded moms and their babies. While the 20something me might have considered this a total 'aunty' thing to do, the 30something mommy-in-me looks forward to our weekly meet ups!

It keeps us both sane - me, finding support in moms that totally get the whole multi-tasking, juggling, 'balls in the air' thing that us stay-at-home/part-time working moms go through. And for Skyler, it's a great time of interacting with other babies and toddlers. Oh, and did I mention, learning to stand her ground with little boys who just can't wait to hug, grab and plant their slobbery kisses on her? Shh..don't tell her papa!

We meet with a lovely group of mommas on Monday afternoons and with another cosy group on Fridays. And sometimes in between, we meet to take our kids to the Botanic Gardens for a little morning picnic, fresh air and quality chatter.

At the Botanics:

Amanda & little Karen, Ailing & her Sophie

Eugenia & Evangeline

Karen & Skyler (can you believe that these 2 are just ONE day apart?)

At the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden:

Skyler & Ethan having a chat it seems


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These photos are so delightful! :-) - cheryl [ye]

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