Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rubber Duckie, You're the One!

Skyler loves taking her baths. I think it's the audio-visual-sensory experience that she gets out of it - the warm water, her little rubber duckie for chewing on and all that splashing!

Botanic Gardens with 'Bee'

Skyler and I have been spending good quality time lately with our dear Aunty Abi - whom I've known since we were in primary school - before she moves away to China. We had a great time last Friday at the Botanic Gardens and since it was a hot, sunny day, I took the opportunity to 'style' Skyler in my latest obsession: hats! (thank you Aussie Godpa Shawn for that very pretty hat)
Too cute!

Happy 6 Months Little Miss Wee!

Skyler turns 6 months this Friday and we've decided to commemorate this milestone with a little photo 'montage'. We never noticed just how scrawny and little she was until we took a look back at the photos of her as a newborn. Now, looking at her early photos, she really did look like a little baby monkey! Thank God for the love parents have for their own children because to us, she was a beauty right from day one :)

Now she's a little "fishball with a chin" as her Daddy likes to call her.

Happy 6 months Little Miss Wee!

With Love always,
Papa & Mama Wee