Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Skyler at meetings

This is what Skyler SOMETIMES does when she goes into the office for meetings with me. I've highlighted the 'sometimes' because most other times, she's squirming, twisting, turning, complaining, crawling, grabbing know, the usual.

Decorate baby, decorate!

This is what happens when your baby has a sparse head of hair - you use the space to 'decorate'! heh heh...

Little Miss Squirmy

For as long as I've known her (even when she was in the womb), Skyler has been a squirmy little bun. She's constantly on the move; from the time she's awake to the time she goes to bed, you'll find her squirming, twisting, turning, crawling, dancing, pulling herself to stand, tip-toeing, bopping to music, clapping, pushing light furniture around - I can go on and on - you get the idea.

Lately, she's been complaining in her playpen while I'm doing chores in the kitchen. The shrillness of her complaints got to me one morning so I gave in and sat her in the kitchen to watch me work. I put her in her toy basket to 'keep her in' and it worked! She was quiet and sat still for all of 2 minutes...then she wormed herself out of the basket. Oh well, 2 minutes is better than nothing right?

Skyler Roars

We swore that we'd never treat our children like 'performing monkeys' but Skyler's been so responsive and so cute lately that we just couldn't help ourselves. Take a look at this video and you'll see exactly what I mean.