Monday, March 20, 2006


Well. Here I am sitting at the computer, at 330am unable to sleep. I book in to camp in 4 hours for my first reservist in-camp training. I've tried to defer this 4 times, because of work commitments but God has some kinda weird way to tell me that He wants me to go for this. Maybe I could lose weight, maybe I can now tell people that I actually carried a gun in the army (instead of the trumpet), maybe I would get promoted to a specialist, maybe this maybe that.

I feel like I'm going to BMT all over again. To make things worse, I put on my no4 pants, and they don't fit. My field pack is all slimy (cos I probably didn't wash it since my LAST field camp in Nov 2001), my SBO has missing parts, I don't have a kevlar helmet... argh. this sucks. Sometimes I wonder why I gave up my Canadian citizenship for this.

But then I think of this: I'm getting married real soon to the most wonderful female on earth. Pre-wedding preps are still very slow.. but the excitement is there. I wish it could happen just by the snap of the know.. church venue, menu, planning. Right. Anyway I'm thinking of setting up a more interactive wedding website.. so hopefully we could migrate there soon.

Meanwhile, if any kind soul wishes to donate to our wedding funds please drop us a comment. hahah. Money's been kinda slow, but we know we'll get there. Sue's been doin some freelance writing, I just recorded a VO for National there's a bit of money comin in here and there.. thru the simple result of prayer. Amazing how God provides.

I hope i made some sense of this. 335am . out.