Friday, November 09, 2007

Little Miss Patient

For those of you who know us, you'll know that Esmond and I (especially Es, but let's not get into that) struggle ALL THE TIME to be on time! Whenever we have an appointment to go anywhere, Skyler is ALWAYS the first to be ready. Thank God she's a patient little soul because she'll sit on the sofa, all ready to go out and quietly wait for us to get ready; she'll wait while her father takes his time to choose the most slimming tee-shirt to wear, she'll wait while her mother runs around in a panic trying to remember to bring all the things she might have forgotten; she'll wait...and she'll wait...and she'll wait...

Thank you, Lord, for our Little Miss Patient!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hush little baby...

With our little bun now 3 months old, we decided that it was time to train her to learn to sleep on her own. Since she started rejecting the pacifier 3 weeks ago, it's been quite a nightmare getting her to bed - whether it's for a nap or for bed at night.

We rolled up our sleeves and made the commitment to be disciplined about teaching her to sleep independently. We started 3 days ago with regular naptimes during the day and bedtime by 8 at night. And, since then, there's been a lot of this... but there's also been a lot more of this...

The first night saw little Miss Wee crying non-stop for ONE hour before she finally succumbed to the lures of trusty Mr. Sandman. But on the second night, she only cried for 5 minutes and last night she whimpered for just about a minute before falling asleep. We're keeping our fingers crossed and looking forward to the nights when Mr and Mrs Wee will have the 'freedom' to catch up more couple-time, friends-time and just plain ol' rest-time.